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Adventure #17: Peek under the gooseberry bush



Every year we plant a vegetable garden, and every year, come July, we are disappointed. The caterpillars move in, the beans fail to germinate and the tomatoes turn limp and die from the inevitable mid-summer cold snap. One thing we haven’t managed to kill, though, is the gooseberry bush we were given as a new baby gift. And although we haven’t found any babies underneath it of late, it did give us just enough gooseberries this year to make this delicious sweet and sour gooseberry crumble cake

At first my little helper was super-keen to help pick the berries – then he discovered the thorns. But he did help stir the cake and of course he was more than happy to help eat the finished product!

I must say I’m a little surprised to read just now the supposed origins of this saying. My goodness – does make you wonder about all the nurseries and childrenswear shops out there calling themselves the Gooseberry Bush!

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