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This was going to be a blog about Peak District pushchair walks with a baby. It still kind of is, but now we have a bigger project. One I’m really excited about. Here it is.

We’re going to have a summer of family adventures. Each week for six months, and hopefully more, we’re going to do one thing that helps our one-year-old grow up with a love of the outdoors and adventure, or which helps broaden his horizons and imagination (and, no doubt, our own). We’ll still be doing walks that we’ll post here, but our main focus is going to be making the outdoors our most exciting and fascinating playground, in whatever ways we can find.

We’re starting this project on our boy’s first birthday as he starts to really open his eyes to the world. So naturally, the activities at this point are going to be pretty simple – a walk that passes some cool spots to explore, looking for birds, or building a tent maybe. The activities won’t be expensive (usually) but they will be fun or muddy (probably) and they will leave us as a family feeling like we’ve done something new (always).

A lot of the activities will be in the Peak District, because that’s where we live and love to be. Others will travel anywhere. And that’s it really – pretty simple. Wish us luck, and do get in touch if you’d like to share any ideas.

x Jacqui, Tom and Ozi

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