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Chatsworth puschair walk

There are a couple of pushchair-friendly options for walks around Chatsworth, but this is my favourite, especially for a toddler. There are lots of reasons why I love it. One, it’s largely in beech and oak forest, which is kind of unusual for the Peak District. Two, it’s got a great surface, and is smooth enough for a pushchair run if you don’t mind a hill. Three, it’s a loop. Four, it’s got a dell, ancient trees to climb, a waterfall, views over the Peak District, lakes, ducks and a hunting tower with canons. Five… actually, what more is there to say? Incidentally, you don’t have to pay the full house fee for this walk as access to the estate is free. You only have to pay for parking, which is £3, and of course any tea and scones you go for after.

  • AREA: Chatsworth
  • DISTANCE: 3-4 miles
  • FACILITIES: Everything – cafes, toilets, petting zoo… and stately home!
  • PARKING: At Chatsworth House
  • GRADIENT: One well-graded hill, then flat
  • TERRAIN: Tarmac and gravel/dirt
  • OS MAP: It’s covered by the White Peak 1:25 000 but as it’s not clear which roads have public access, you’re best off printing one from here.

The waterfall, Chatsworth

The waterfall, Chatsworth

The hunting tower, Chatsworth

The hunting tower, Chatsworth

  1. Head towards the petting zoo in the furthest corner of the car park from the house. Just before the entrance to the zoo, there is a pedestrian gate into Stand Wood on your right. Go through the gate and follow the road uphill.
  2. Divert off the road to see the dell (a good place for kids to run about, collect beech nuts, make a mini den etc) then return to the road and keep following it uphill.
  3. Keep following the road around a hairpin, ignoring a road that comes in on the right, then follow the road around another hairpin to the right (from memory there is a sign to SC – swiss cottage).
  4. Stay on the road all the way past Swiss Lake then Emperor Lake, to take you to the Hunting Tower. From the hunting tower, follow the road downhill, ignoring a footpath shortcut to the house. When you reach the road you came in on, turn right and follow it back to the house.

One thought on “Chatsworth puschair walk

  1. we did this today with an 8yr, 3yr and 6mnth old. it was made even more interesting by the spooky decorations for Halloween. It’s a good size walk with pushchair and little legs in tow, the only thing that let it down was the lack of place to sit, stop and picnic. Though this may have also been down to the weather! who wants to sit on wet grass!

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