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Cannock chase… with a trailer

One morning this month, we woke up early to a crisp autumn day, and couldn’t decide where to go for a ride. We’ve just bought the Sustrans Traffic-Free Cycle Rides book, but now that the outside world is starting to get a bit brown and muddy, well, naturally our thoughts turn to mountain biking. And just as naturally, living in the Midlands, our thoughts turned to Cannock Chase.

Cannock chase is home to some fairly serious downhill and xc trails, but it also has some free-to-use leisure trails for families. We had no idea whether any of the routes were suitable for towing a trailer. After a quick look online, though, we soon found ourselves driving south and parking up at Marquis Drive to tackle the blue route. We have a very well-built child trailer with good suspension, and Tom was towing that while I ran alongside. Things didn’t start well when we followed some blue blobs in the wrong direction (they were the blobs for the RAF walk) but once we’d done a bout turn and set off in the right direction down through the heathland, it started to become rather marvellous.

The trail is a little bumpy at times but at 18 months and fairly robust, our passenger seemed happy throughout. There’s a great picnic spot halfway around at the Stepping Stones – perfect for getting wet feet and floating twigs downstream – plus a few other nice rest spots too. Expect heathland, working forest and beech woodland… a bit of an adventure and a grand day out!

Cannock Chase's long family route

Cannock Chase’s long family route

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