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Adventure #8: Meet some snails

Toddler and snail fun!

Toddler and snail fun!

My husband thought this was a bit weird as far as outdoor play ideas go. I thought, though, that rounding up all the snails in our back garden would be a good way of a) showing our little boy some toddler-friendly wildlife and b) giving our baby lettuces a fighting chance.

All you need for this is a bucket with a lid, and a garden or park – I’m pretty sure most friends with gardens would be happy to loan theirs! We looked along rock walls, behind pots, under loose rocks and paving slabs and beneath any big dandelions. We put all the snails we found in the bucket then watched them as they stuck their heads out – older toddlers could even have a snail race. Ozi loved it. The only bit he didn’t enjoy was the post-snail hand wash.

I’m told the traditional way of disposing of snails is to drop them over the neighbour’s fence at night. Fear not Claire and Andy, we released ours in the ‘wild’ halfway around our usual dog walk. Enjoy the great outdoors, little snails…

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