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Adventure #6: Hunt a wild daffodil

Everyone’s been a bit under the weather at our house this week, so we thought we’d keep things simple for adventure #6 and go for a walk. And I thought what better way to cheery up a sickie toddler than a stomping among some wild daffodils.

We decided to head to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Derwentside reserve – or at least to the Cromford Canal towpath which runs next to it.

Had I taken a map, I’d have realised I should have walked about a mile and a half east along the canal to where a footpath crosses the reserve – apparently the best place to see the daffs. As it was, we only walked 500m or so along the canal to where we could see some growing in the meadow below.

On the way back, we saw this clump growing beside the path, and I eagerly snapped some pictures and told Ozi we found some. But comparing the two pictures here, I’m no longer convinced. They look too bright gold to be wild daffodils. But hey ho, they’re wild at heart!

Wild daffodils in the meadows below the Cromford Canal

Wild daffodils in the meadows below the Cromford Canal

Not wild daffodils... but wild-loving!

Not wild daffodils… but wild-loving!

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