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Adventure #5: Picnic in really long grass

Our mountain picnic in the grass

Our mountain picnic in the grass

We had a huge adventure planned for the Easter bank holiday. We were going to Wales, to do a three-day bike tour through the Black Mountains, near Abergavenny. Well, it didn’t quite work. I guess that’s the risk you run with an adventure – some of them flop!

We rode from Hereford to Abergavenny on the first day following a route we found on the Sustrans website. But some bad planning on my part meant the hotel we booked wasn’t actually in Abergavenny, meaning day two was going to be over 50 miles long (fine for an adult, not great for an antsy toddler in a trailer!). Then, that night, Ozi had a monumental vomit all over my one change of clothes. And the next morning, an hour into our ride, we somehow took a wrong turn and cycled for an hour in the wrong direction – meaning that 50 mile day had to be done in an afternoon. Short of story, at this point, we went and got the car.

It was one of those plan Bs that turns out to be better than plan A. Instead of a long day hauling panniers, we drove up to the Elan Valley in the heart of Wales and did a 27km day trip on an old rail trail and some quiet mountain roads. It must be a contender for the best family cycling route in Britain – you can find the route description here.

But the highlight was our Easter Sunday picnic at the top of the pass. It was one of those rare days – still, sunny, and dry underfoot as well as overhead. Our ‘picnic’ was just cheese rolls from the co-op, but Ozi loved crawling about in the long grass, throwing handfuls of straw, emptying panniers and watching birds bathe in a nearby puddle. It just shows the best adventures for a toddler aren’t the biggies – all you need is a field, a little stomping space and parents too busy scoffing Easter eggs to worry about dirty hands.

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