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Adventure #16: Plant paintbrushes

Painting with garden leaves

Painting with garden leaves

With our little boy now 16 months, we’re just taking our first steps into the wonderful world of toddler art – and with it the crayon on the walls, playdough in the ears etc etc. This arty-meets-outdoorsy project is ultra simple, so it’s perfect for a really little toddler with zero attention span.

All you have to do is this: a) go outside and spend a few minutes gathering interesting looking leaves and flowers together (WARNING: only pick those you know for certain are harmless – you don’t need anything exotic, simple things like clover are just fine!) b) then dunk them in some paint and c) slop onto white paper. For an interesting variant, I’ve heard using halved garden veg works well too (but after the cold June we’ve had, our veg patch is empty!). And that’s it really – I’m not sure kids’ craft gets any simpler!

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