Adventure #15: Feed the ducks

We live in a lovely village, but it’s at the top of a hill so sadly, our life is generally quite duck-free. Which is a shame, because everyone loves a duck. And I know one little boy who loves them even more than most.

So last week we headed to the Cromford canal for a sandwich at the cafe, and a spot of duck feeding. We bought some duck food (mixed seeds) from the cafe and had just enticed our first pair of mallards to taste it when a family swooped in with a bag of bread crusts. Clearly this is the duck equivalent of a juicy, ketchup-soaked burger with chips, as our mallards promptly abandoned us and went to the bread family instead.

I muttered something to the boy about not giving ducks bread, but being a general coward I didn’t have the heart to say anything to the family with their kids there. Instead, we postponed duck feeding for another day.

And that day was today. This time we went to Carsington Water (glorious!) and having accidentally left the seed at home, we bought some RSPB duck pellets from the shop. And in case your wondering, although perhaps not quite in the juicy burger category, the pellets are clearly a lot tastier than seeds (I’d say they were the duck equivalent of chicken pie). We even got to feed some babies from our hands with the boy giggling hysterically, until the Canada Geese crashed our party.

Just goes to show sometimes the simplest, oldest activities are the nicest – even if these days, the burgers are off the menu.

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