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Adventure #10: Go duck-watching

Ozi loves a duck – and really, who doesn’t? Ducks are funny. They waddle. They nibble your fingers. They quack you up.

So for my birthday treat we got in the car and drove to Attenborough Nature Reserve, a series of flooded gravel pits on the Trent between Derby and Nottingham. Living in the Peak District we don’t often head south for a walk – and sometimes it’s to our loss. This reserve run by Nottingham Wildlife Trust is really worth a visit, with amazing nature trails, bird hides to peek through, and kids’ clubs too. Plus it’s virtually all pushchair friendly!

And of course there are ducks. Mallards, pochards, tufted ducks… OK, I confess I could only recognise the glossy green mallards until we picked up a Duck Detective fact sheet from the visitor centre and realised how many different kinds were around. Now we’re going to take it on our walks everywhere. You can download it and many more wildlife spotter sheets for kids here.

They don’t seem to mind you feeding the ducks here, either, but we learned you should never give them bread (I thought it just made them fat; turns out there’s all sorts of other problems too.). And cake is definitely out of the question, although they do serve up some pretty good birthday treats at the cafe. What a quacking birthday for mummy indeed!

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